Alliance Blackstone Valley Federal Credit Union (ABVFCU) operates as a Community and Federally chartered credit union dedicated to meeting or exceeding the financial needs of its members and providing superb personalized service.

Since being granted a State Charter in 1948, “Alliance” has been a financial institution catering to employees of the Pawtucket, RI School Dept. For over 57 years, Alliance has been providing the “membership family” with low interest loans, payroll deductions, and competitive investing options. Through broad and flexible approaches, Alliance has been able to tailor services to the individual members needs and provide the member with financial options.

In December of 2000, Alliance Credit Union applied for and received a Federal Credit Union Charter. By switching from a state charter to a federal charter, the newly named Alliance Blackstone Valley Federal Credit Union (ABVFCU) was able to offer additional services to complement the array of options it had been offering its members for many years. An additional benefit of gaining a Federal Charter was the surety of providing on-going financial protection along with a rigorous process of maintaining the safety and soundness of member deposits.

Continuing with the traditions of always providing members with the best opportunities, the Board of Directors and Management elected in 2004 to add a Community charter to the current Federal Credit Union status. The newly obtained Community charter allows ABVFCU to welcome all residents of the Blackstone Valley region. Though this initiative, the Board of Directors and Management hope to be able to expand the credit union’s scope of fair and competitive services to all new and current members. 

The on-going mission of ABVFCU is to provide and promote the use of a variety of financial services, which feature particular benefits and advantages beyond those generally available from other banking sources, in order to help members gain some measure of Personal Financial success.

ABVFCU strives to become the best source of financial solutions for every member and every potential member. Additionally, every service offered is delivered to our members in a fiscally sound manner.

ABVFCU Core Values

Our transactions with members, vendors, and each other are conducted with the highest level of integrity. The net result is an organization built on trust and a reputation for honesty.

Our members will receive individual attention that ensures their satisfaction with each product and nurtures long-term relationships.